Inn Trouble

Heading to the capital city of Hronth, the party gets delayed and heads for a nearby inn. After dealing with an inconsequential bandit threat they arrive and rest, ignoring the raging storm overhead.

Shortly after their arrival an injured merchant arrived with his bodyguard. Along with two clerics in the inn, there was the inn matron, her barmaid daughter, and ill son.

Suddenly, there was a pounding at the door. Zombies! The PCs move forward fighting a prolonged fight before the inn, as wave after wave of zombie arrived at the inn. Valanae and Valdeth were savaged by the horde of pounding zombie hands as the group retreated to the inn and barricaded themselves inside.

Exploring the inn, Dennad found a little girl zombie in the basement, which had to be slain multiple times before it stayed dead. Also in the basement was a ritual book and a set-up for a ritual including a damaged copy of the raise dead ritual! Upon investigation, it turned out little Ebbin had tried (and failed) to resurrect his dead twin sister.

While Valdeth prepared a counter-ritual the rest of the party fought against the zombified merchant and a lightning strike from the storm. Then, at the tail end of the ritual, the zombies began to break-in, but were held off by the dragonborn Leaps Over the Mountain and Valanae. Valdeth completed the ritual, but it was imperfect and drained the life from all present, weakening him and Shrip and slaying the poor priests who were assisting and the boy Ebbin.

Three-Ring Throw Down

Reporting on the events of the subterranean expedition to Sir Henri, the group is surprised when a circus comes to town. The halfling rogue Dennad leaves to explore the carnival. He does not return.

The rest of the group ventures to the carnival to have a fun time, only to receive a warning at the bottom of their meal. Investigating, they begin to think all is not normal. Especially after they are ambushed in the hall of mirrors… by themselves! Meanwhile, other members of the party are attacked by released animals, which they recapture.

Valanae, the warlord, discovered a journal from the Ring Master suggesting she was not herself, and soon after discovered a shrunken Dennad who was even smaller than usual, and missing his shadow! After watching the impressive shadow puppet show and the main Big Top show the PCs guessed the Shadow Puppeteer was behind the affair.

A minor skirmish with the Big Top performers and Freak Show was followed by a fight with the Shadow Puppeteer. They discovered the Puppeteer was also the Carnival’s fortune teller and she used a large crystal shard that “felt” similar to crystals seen underground (in the psychic vision). They destroyed the crystal and the Puppeteer’s puppets, freeing the Carnival and Dennad.

Other Worlds

The PCs are deep underground, venturing through antediluvian tunnels created by an unknown race.

They first find a prison that also acts as a larder, with psychic bars that prevent exit. Scratched in the cell walls are: We wait our turn, we wait for death. Soon it will be our turn to be eaten. I am afraid! and I pray that I am eaten. I have seen the alternative. I would rather die! and We are naught but cattle…

The next passage is a curious bowl-shaped room that feels odd, there is an odd resonance of respect and authority. The group has little time to ponder before they are attacked by a massive tentacled beast.

Continuing through the tunnels, they discover an ancient portal and several crystals, along with signs that someone has been walking through the area.

After this they enter a large storage room and experience a vision of the past, reliving the final days of the creatures who occupied the caverns as they repelled an invasion from the drow. They gained a clue of how to operate the portal which they used to return to Oramin and the surface.


The city of Oramin has been spared from the goblin onslaught. The new lord of the town, Sir Henri, requests the PCs to investigate the sub-levels of the Fellfast. He was worried due to captured goblins speaking of human invaders attacking their lands who were slaves to something else.

Examining the lowest levels the party encounters the Portal Room, a great pool that can take a person to another world. Exploring deeper, the group is isolated after a cave-in and forced to continue forward through the ruins of ancient dwarven tunnels.

Heading into the tunnels their journey ended at a deep chasm. Leaping and climbing over a gasp, the group encounter a trapped door. After a lengthy series of trial and error they opened the first door and moved into a larger chamber where they solved a second puzzle, a music one.

The party worked their way to a flooded chamber where they fought a number of aberrations and subterranean monstrosities. They flood the chamber with darkness but they do not need light to see. Shrip is badly hurt before the other turn the tide.

Continuing on they discovered an ancient dwarven vault filled with antiquated equipment and goods, which they use to re-equip themselves. Further along they discover an abandoned human mine that intersected with the dwarven tunnels, but they also found a gaping hole leading further underground.

They faced a choice: enter the mine and hope to reach the surface or continue downward. Being adventurers, they chose to go down!

Politics as Usual

Leaving the Rest Stop between Trebloc and Oramin (the mining town) the party was accompanied by a company of 200 soldiers from Borderwatch Keep.

They arrived in Oramin and discovered the town was under upheaval as its lord had been murdered. Four factions were currently fighting over leadership of the town: the Lady Caroline Fellfast (widow of the dead lord), Derek Hstack (a local vice peddler), Fogarrd Balesquire (a merchant with a purchased title), and Sir Henri Fellfast (retired soldier).

The writ the party had received in their prior adventure would allow any of the four to easily take power, as it conferred leadership over the two-hundred soldiers.

Attending a dinner party hosted by the Lady Fellfast, the group met the four competitors and made their initial thoughts. The following day they attended meals served by Hstack and Balesquire, judging both likely unworthy.

That night, the group was assaulted by two assassins, hired to kill them in their sleep. With one party member felled the remainder managed to defeat the assassins and save their friend. The assassins revealed in their dying breaths who hired them. The heroes quickly extracted their bloody and painful revenge on Derek Hstack.

The next morning brought a surprise: goblins were converging on the town! The heroes mounted a defence, holding the town’s gate from being overwhelmed. After a lengthy extended battle in which half the party was felled the heroes proved triumphant! The goblins lost their general and retreated, soundly defeated by the human forces.

A Simple Job

The group was hired for a simple task: escort wagons through the Gnoll Hills and into the Edge Mountains to a town to the south.

After numerous annoyances the job grew lethal as goblins attacked the caravan, driving the horses into a wild panic. The heroes had to fight against their assailants AND deal with the runaway wagons. The fight grew deadly as the first wagon plunged over the edge, carrying with it the fighter, Grim.

Thankfully, Grim hauled himself back over the ledge and rejoined the battle as the final goblin reluctantly dropped.

From there the group reached the small rest stop, home to half-a-dozen people. After discovering the bridge out of town had collapsed, the group rested only to be awoken by cries of murder!

Investigating the crime all clues pointed to the party’s eladrin warlord: Valanae. However, there were some other curious elements, such as a dagger sold by the halfling thief Dennad being used as the murder weapon, and a keg of ale being drugged with a sleeping herb.

The evidence lead the group to a shapechanger posing a shopkeeper. A fight quickly ensued as their foe ignited the building while attempting to escape, only to be quickly dispatched by the group’s collective efforts.

At the end they found themselves with a captive doppelganger, a writ from the House of Lords giving the bearing Lord of House Fellfast control over four platoons of soldiers (a full company of 200 men), and still no way across the gorge to complete their job…

The Toppled Tower

The adventurers were hired by Lord Troper of the small town of Trebloc, at the recommendation of his mother, the Baroness. He claimed his infant son was ill and needed medicine, sending the party after a ritual owned by a long-dead wizard.

Heading into the Gnoll Hills south of the town, the heroes struggled through the rough terrain and mountains, working along the base of a long ravine. There they were ambushed by a wandering pack of goblins, which they quickly dispatched.

They found the tower, only to discover it had falling into a gorge and was pinned sideways. Slowly lowering themselves down they began their confusing exploration, dealing with a myriad small hazards.

On the third level of the tower they were confronted by a sickening ooze creature and a clay creation built to guard the tower. Divided, the heroes fought bravely and eventually proved triumphant. Moving to the ‘top’ of the tower they retrieved the ritual and returned home.

Family Matters
And so it begins...

A group of seven travelers reach the town of Trebloc at the time of celebration: the wife of village’s Lord has given birth to an heir and the region is spending a week in celebration culminating in a faire.

After competing in a number of events the travelers won a grand prize having found victory in the wrestling arena, the racetrack, a trivia contest, and the pie-eating field.

Having proved their skill the travelers were recruited by a cloaked stranger that was revealed to be the Baroness Troper, mother to the lord and grandmother to the new heir. She asked them to meet here in the keep, sneaking through an abandoned dungeon to get there.

Having entered the dungeon, the party struggled against the final occupants of the dungeon: a dozen skeletons. After making their way through, the group met with the Baroness who revealed the purpose of her call: the new heir was born a half-elf! She sent the party after the child’s true father.

The group launched into an investigation, searching at the tavern and the inn, then talking with the owner of the general store and the town guard. They discovered the elf had purchased tall boots, insect repellent, and a water-proof bag. They immediately set-off to the southwest to the nearest swampland.

After eight days in the swamp the party grew tired, almost losing the tracks and trails they were following, being saved only by the insect repelling oil they bought before leaving town. They decide to rest for the night in an open clearing where it is clear someone rested.

Before they can set-up camp a trio of giant rats and two massive swarms of rats burst from the trees. The heroes launch into action but are surprised when an elf, not the one they are looking for, emerges from the foliage. He is followed by three large blood-sucking insects.

Having dispatched both rats and bugs the party rests and moves north, following a pair of tracks to an ancient, abandoned ruin. They venture inside where they find the two elves.

Confronting the elves, their prey calls out and a large green dragon emerges from the vine-covered ceiling. The group launches into battle, dividing their time between the elves and the massive dragon. The group’s human wizard attempts to flee, coming back after the elves have been dropped in an attempt to convince the group to join in flight. Three members of the party are felled by the beast, including the two front line fighters, before the party’s tiefling warlock and their their bard (?) manage to fell the great lizard.


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