A Simple Job

The group was hired for a simple task: escort wagons through the Gnoll Hills and into the Edge Mountains to a town to the south.

After numerous annoyances the job grew lethal as goblins attacked the caravan, driving the horses into a wild panic. The heroes had to fight against their assailants AND deal with the runaway wagons. The fight grew deadly as the first wagon plunged over the edge, carrying with it the fighter, Grim.

Thankfully, Grim hauled himself back over the ledge and rejoined the battle as the final goblin reluctantly dropped.

From there the group reached the small rest stop, home to half-a-dozen people. After discovering the bridge out of town had collapsed, the group rested only to be awoken by cries of murder!

Investigating the crime all clues pointed to the party’s eladrin warlord: Valanae. However, there were some other curious elements, such as a dagger sold by the halfling thief Dennad being used as the murder weapon, and a keg of ale being drugged with a sleeping herb.

The evidence lead the group to a shapechanger posing a shopkeeper. A fight quickly ensued as their foe ignited the building while attempting to escape, only to be quickly dispatched by the group’s collective efforts.

At the end they found themselves with a captive doppelganger, a writ from the House of Lords giving the bearing Lord of House Fellfast control over four platoons of soldiers (a full company of 200 men), and still no way across the gorge to complete their job…


JesterDavid JesterDavid

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