Family Matters

And so it begins...

A group of seven travelers reach the town of Trebloc at the time of celebration: the wife of village’s Lord has given birth to an heir and the region is spending a week in celebration culminating in a faire.

After competing in a number of events the travelers won a grand prize having found victory in the wrestling arena, the racetrack, a trivia contest, and the pie-eating field.

Having proved their skill the travelers were recruited by a cloaked stranger that was revealed to be the Baroness Troper, mother to the lord and grandmother to the new heir. She asked them to meet here in the keep, sneaking through an abandoned dungeon to get there.

Having entered the dungeon, the party struggled against the final occupants of the dungeon: a dozen skeletons. After making their way through, the group met with the Baroness who revealed the purpose of her call: the new heir was born a half-elf! She sent the party after the child’s true father.

The group launched into an investigation, searching at the tavern and the inn, then talking with the owner of the general store and the town guard. They discovered the elf had purchased tall boots, insect repellent, and a water-proof bag. They immediately set-off to the southwest to the nearest swampland.

After eight days in the swamp the party grew tired, almost losing the tracks and trails they were following, being saved only by the insect repelling oil they bought before leaving town. They decide to rest for the night in an open clearing where it is clear someone rested.

Before they can set-up camp a trio of giant rats and two massive swarms of rats burst from the trees. The heroes launch into action but are surprised when an elf, not the one they are looking for, emerges from the foliage. He is followed by three large blood-sucking insects.

Having dispatched both rats and bugs the party rests and moves north, following a pair of tracks to an ancient, abandoned ruin. They venture inside where they find the two elves.

Confronting the elves, their prey calls out and a large green dragon emerges from the vine-covered ceiling. The group launches into battle, dividing their time between the elves and the massive dragon. The group’s human wizard attempts to flee, coming back after the elves have been dropped in an attempt to convince the group to join in flight. Three members of the party are felled by the beast, including the two front line fighters, before the party’s tiefling warlock and their their bard (?) manage to fell the great lizard.


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