Inn Trouble

Heading to the capital city of Hronth, the party gets delayed and heads for a nearby inn. After dealing with an inconsequential bandit threat they arrive and rest, ignoring the raging storm overhead.

Shortly after their arrival an injured merchant arrived with his bodyguard. Along with two clerics in the inn, there was the inn matron, her barmaid daughter, and ill son.

Suddenly, there was a pounding at the door. Zombies! The PCs move forward fighting a prolonged fight before the inn, as wave after wave of zombie arrived at the inn. Valanae and Valdeth were savaged by the horde of pounding zombie hands as the group retreated to the inn and barricaded themselves inside.

Exploring the inn, Dennad found a little girl zombie in the basement, which had to be slain multiple times before it stayed dead. Also in the basement was a ritual book and a set-up for a ritual including a damaged copy of the raise dead ritual! Upon investigation, it turned out little Ebbin had tried (and failed) to resurrect his dead twin sister.

While Valdeth prepared a counter-ritual the rest of the party fought against the zombified merchant and a lightning strike from the storm. Then, at the tail end of the ritual, the zombies began to break-in, but were held off by the dragonborn Leaps Over the Mountain and Valanae. Valdeth completed the ritual, but it was imperfect and drained the life from all present, weakening him and Shrip and slaying the poor priests who were assisting and the boy Ebbin.


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