Other Worlds

The PCs are deep underground, venturing through antediluvian tunnels created by an unknown race.

They first find a prison that also acts as a larder, with psychic bars that prevent exit. Scratched in the cell walls are: We wait our turn, we wait for death. Soon it will be our turn to be eaten. I am afraid! and I pray that I am eaten. I have seen the alternative. I would rather die! and We are naught but cattle…

The next passage is a curious bowl-shaped room that feels odd, there is an odd resonance of respect and authority. The group has little time to ponder before they are attacked by a massive tentacled beast.

Continuing through the tunnels, they discover an ancient portal and several crystals, along with signs that someone has been walking through the area.

After this they enter a large storage room and experience a vision of the past, reliving the final days of the creatures who occupied the caverns as they repelled an invasion from the drow. They gained a clue of how to operate the portal which they used to return to Oramin and the surface.


JesterDavid JesterDavid

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