Politics as Usual

Leaving the Rest Stop between Trebloc and Oramin (the mining town) the party was accompanied by a company of 200 soldiers from Borderwatch Keep.

They arrived in Oramin and discovered the town was under upheaval as its lord had been murdered. Four factions were currently fighting over leadership of the town: the Lady Caroline Fellfast (widow of the dead lord), Derek Hstack (a local vice peddler), Fogarrd Balesquire (a merchant with a purchased title), and Sir Henri Fellfast (retired soldier).

The writ the party had received in their prior adventure would allow any of the four to easily take power, as it conferred leadership over the two-hundred soldiers.

Attending a dinner party hosted by the Lady Fellfast, the group met the four competitors and made their initial thoughts. The following day they attended meals served by Hstack and Balesquire, judging both likely unworthy.

That night, the group was assaulted by two assassins, hired to kill them in their sleep. With one party member felled the remainder managed to defeat the assassins and save their friend. The assassins revealed in their dying breaths who hired them. The heroes quickly extracted their bloody and painful revenge on Derek Hstack.

The next morning brought a surprise: goblins were converging on the town! The heroes mounted a defence, holding the town’s gate from being overwhelmed. After a lengthy extended battle in which half the party was felled the heroes proved triumphant! The goblins lost their general and retreated, soundly defeated by the human forces.


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