The Toppled Tower

The adventurers were hired by Lord Troper of the small town of Trebloc, at the recommendation of his mother, the Baroness. He claimed his infant son was ill and needed medicine, sending the party after a ritual owned by a long-dead wizard.

Heading into the Gnoll Hills south of the town, the heroes struggled through the rough terrain and mountains, working along the base of a long ravine. There they were ambushed by a wandering pack of goblins, which they quickly dispatched.

They found the tower, only to discover it had falling into a gorge and was pinned sideways. Slowly lowering themselves down they began their confusing exploration, dealing with a myriad small hazards.

On the third level of the tower they were confronted by a sickening ooze creature and a clay creation built to guard the tower. Divided, the heroes fought bravely and eventually proved triumphant. Moving to the ‘top’ of the tower they retrieved the ritual and returned home.


JesterDavid JesterDavid

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