Three-Ring Throw Down

Reporting on the events of the subterranean expedition to Sir Henri, the group is surprised when a circus comes to town. The halfling rogue Dennad leaves to explore the carnival. He does not return.

The rest of the group ventures to the carnival to have a fun time, only to receive a warning at the bottom of their meal. Investigating, they begin to think all is not normal. Especially after they are ambushed in the hall of mirrors… by themselves! Meanwhile, other members of the party are attacked by released animals, which they recapture.

Valanae, the warlord, discovered a journal from the Ring Master suggesting she was not herself, and soon after discovered a shrunken Dennad who was even smaller than usual, and missing his shadow! After watching the impressive shadow puppet show and the main Big Top show the PCs guessed the Shadow Puppeteer was behind the affair.

A minor skirmish with the Big Top performers and Freak Show was followed by a fight with the Shadow Puppeteer. They discovered the Puppeteer was also the Carnival’s fortune teller and she used a large crystal shard that “felt” similar to crystals seen underground (in the psychic vision). They destroyed the crystal and the Puppeteer’s puppets, freeing the Carnival and Dennad.


JesterDavid JesterDavid

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