The city of Oramin has been spared from the goblin onslaught. The new lord of the town, Sir Henri, requests the PCs to investigate the sub-levels of the Fellfast. He was worried due to captured goblins speaking of human invaders attacking their lands who were slaves to something else.

Examining the lowest levels the party encounters the Portal Room, a great pool that can take a person to another world. Exploring deeper, the group is isolated after a cave-in and forced to continue forward through the ruins of ancient dwarven tunnels.

Heading into the tunnels their journey ended at a deep chasm. Leaping and climbing over a gasp, the group encounter a trapped door. After a lengthy series of trial and error they opened the first door and moved into a larger chamber where they solved a second puzzle, a music one.

The party worked their way to a flooded chamber where they fought a number of aberrations and subterranean monstrosities. They flood the chamber with darkness but they do not need light to see. Shrip is badly hurt before the other turn the tide.

Continuing on they discovered an ancient dwarven vault filled with antiquated equipment and goods, which they use to re-equip themselves. Further along they discover an abandoned human mine that intersected with the dwarven tunnels, but they also found a gaping hole leading further underground.

They faced a choice: enter the mine and hope to reach the surface or continue downward. Being adventurers, they chose to go down!


JesterDavid JesterDavid

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