A small human settlement known for its well-trained troops, known as Brightmen. They defend the settlement and the neighbouring valleys and farms.


In the Eastern Edge Mountains, Brighthome is centered around a large semicircle valley hidden between peaks. The city-state also includes the farms and ranches on the sides and base of the mountain.


Brighthome is populated primarily by humans although there are a large number of half-elves dating back to the Old Order. A number of dwarves and tieflings live in the smaller outlying communities, and halfling traders are common. A number of warforged also live in the region and periodically work with the Brightmen


Brighthome is an isolated city-state that lives in a perpetual state of war and battle. Its settlements are built for defence with thick walls around as many buildings as possible and large storage bins for holding food. While each town is typically only assaulted once every two or three years they know to be prepared at all times. The folk are hardy but grim, with a perpetual gallows humour.


The center-settlement was formerly part of the dead nation of Leeshmarch. The city survived the orc onslaught due to its defendable mountainous location. The central keep was built from old gnomish ruins in the years following the elven occupation so the town’s existence is still seldom known by the elves.


Brighthome – (city, pop. 12,000) Built inside a horseshoe-shaped, hidden valley behind the peak of a mountain. The town is heavily fortified and more akin to a massive keep.

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