Cellinia is a loose nation, more a collection of allied city-states. There is no central government, although there is an informal militia. It is a haven for escaped planetouched, runaway slaves, and other extraplanar beings.

Many ruins are in the region, it was a heavily populated area in the Old Order. Generally thought of as a less than savoury place of sin and darkness; there are not merely monsters lurking in the shadowing corners, but unspeakable horrors.

A number of small and strange cults have sprung up in the swamps and wilds including those worshiping demons or the serpents, in addition to several apocalypse cults who believe the end was supposed to occur but was artificially stalled and the world must be cleansed and destroyed. Some merely believe the end is coming while others are trying to accelerate it.


Bordered by mountains on the north and west and southeast, Cellinia rests in a slight basin, pooling water from the many rivers and mountain streams. To the south and southwest are the rolling Celinath Plains, although most of the flatland is controlled by the Grigoran Imperium.

Cellin Hills – Rough land that leads into the Hronthian Peaks. It was once a centre of gnomish might and there are many strongholds carved into the hills.

Goblin Forest – Names for its primary inhabitants, goblinoids are a plague in the woods and surrounding areas, often raiding travelers and even small villages. There are a number of hobgoblin tribes that operate in the forest, but most are content at in-fighting for dominance rather than greater conquest.

Great Swamp – A natural basin, this is a massive stretch of marshland fed by a multitude of streams and rivers. It is dominated by heavy trees with a wide canopy. There are few settlements, mostly individuals seeking solitude. It is a haven for beasts, aberrations and criminals.

Wenn Plain – The largest stretch of arable land in Cellinia, the plains is dotted with small villages. Most of the inhabitants are unfriendly and not kind to strangers.

Wenn Moors – Fed by a number of small streams and heavy rainfall, the moors are mostly patches of dry land separated by streams. The soil is acidic and offers poor crops, so there are few trees. The region is mostly avoided and sparely settled by anything remotely human.


Cellinia’s population is diverse and scattered. On the border with Grigoran, the population is mostly human and half elf with small pockets of other races. Closer to the mountains the population is tiefling and genasi, often escaped slaves.

A few scattered warforged travel through the region, although the metallic men are wary of water. However, they cannot resist the lure of gnomish ruins and the possibility of more warforged.

There is a large number of halflings in the nation, often moving between Grigoran and Hronth but there are also small, moving villages that migrate around the many rivers and streams.


The folk of Cellinia are isolated and settlements keep to themselves. There is no central government despite the age of many of the towns and cities. The self-proclaimed capital has that privilege because it organized the most troops to repelled Grigoran.

Most common folk are farmers or ranchers, living close to small villages and hamlets tucked away in dales or valleys. There are a number of fishing villages set on rivers and a few small lumber communities. Almost all are self-sufficient and few engage in trade. Almost every village does not trust its neighbours and can recite a half-dozen terrifying rumours regarding the closest settlement.

Similar to the Lawless Lands, the strong and powerful have the authority in Cellinia. However, here the strongest is seldom the person with the biggest sword. While both regions have problems with monsters and creatures, the things of Cellinia are often less obvious and less motivated by greed.


Originally a heavily populated urban area, it was a key strategic location for trade and military forces jointly shared between the gnomes and elves of the Twin Empires. For centuries it was the home region of humans and the majority of Hronthian humans can trace their ancestry to this region.

Formerly a part of Grigoran, the nation broke away due to fundamental religious differences and dislike of Grigor. Prior that the land was considered part of Freeland and, before that, Hronth.

Cellinia seceded from Grigoran in 578 although the latter nation does not recognize its independence. Thought of a rural backwater, Grigoran does not feel any pressing need to assert its control over a patch of swamp.


Cellin – (city, pop. 17,500) One of the oldest surviving cities to be rebuilt after the catastrophe. Built for defense, it is unfriendly and aged. Its jagged buildings built in time of fear and superstition. Several of the bloodier battles at the end of the Elven Occupation occurred near this city and much of the nearby bogs are still filled with the semi-preserved fallen.

Marshridge – (town, pop. 9,000) This city is built out of ruins: piecemeal buildings and unique architecture. Nothing is new; everything is made of something older and recycled. Near the edge of swampland, the town is frequently flooded. The populace is continually harassed by mosquitoes and insect swarms. The town is supported by large plantations of cotton and rice in the surrounding waters. Marshridge is uncomfortably close to the Sunken City and is often assaulted by amphibious creatures.

Dellia – (town, pop. 1,500) An isolated place that suffered from perpetual inbreeding. There are rumours of cannibalism and dark moonlit rituals outside the town, either by the townsfolk or the residents of the nearby farms. Travellers are seldom welcome but there are rumours the town harbours escaped slaves.

New Kelos – (town, pop. 2,000) A town of Nex mutants, twisted by nearby deposits of the valuable crystals. No mining goes on, the Nex is too scattered and fragmented with the largest deposits near unsafe underground rivers.

Taurel – (city, pop. 15,000) A simple gambling town, near crossroads and between trade-towns to attract the most traffic and passing traders with money. It has a reputation where a man can make a fortune… or lose one.

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