City of Glass

A small city hidden in the desert and built out of the only available building material. The City of Glass is actually partially dug into the earth with the cool caverns capped with glass buildings and domes. While a small settlement, it is still one of the largest communities of dragonborn in the region and the cultural heart of eastern dragonborn.


The city is built into a former river valley that has long since dry, save for a single oasis. Dunes are piled high along the sides of the narrow city, and act as a natural camouflage. The surrounding plains are frequently foraged at rotating times as dragonborn harvest local plants and catch game.


Almost entirely dragonborn, there are a few genasi and tiefling that have fled away from human lands. A number of half elf and warforged also make their home in the city. The dragonborn do not trust or like the warforged, but rely on the tireless warriors to hunt and scour the countryside.


The folk of the city-state live a hard life. There is little food in the surrounding desert so foragers must travel far for game. The limited warrens of the city offer a minimal amount of food.

The warriors of the city often venture out as mercenaries; they work for a time then return with enough valuables to trade for food. Merchants operate lengthy supply trains, continually brining in supplies from elsewhere.

A number of dragonborn also conduct raids on the surrounding orc encampments, raiding them for supplies the orcs themselves stole. Sometimes the dragonborn return stolen goods to the original owner, for a reasonable price.


Established by refugees from elven enclaves and the few travelers from the Far East, the city was built as a new home for the outcast folk cut off from their homeland. Its creation was controversial as many thought it was abandoning hope of returning to their true home. In the end, the need for a permanent settlement outside of ghettos in elven and human lands outweighed the desire return to their Empire.

The city struggled for its initial years against continual orc assaults before the dragonborn managed to rout the nearby tribes. The orcs have still not forgiven the dragonborn for this and all the tribes of the Orc Plains have a strong enmity for dragonborn of any kind.


City of Glass – (city, pop. 13,600) Built out of large slabs of melted sand and silica forming large walls of glass and obsidian. The city is built for both defense, with sturdy walls and regular guard posts, and desert survival, with the shaded glass reflecting light and heat upward.

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City of Glass

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