Cliffside Castle

A large occupied castle overlooking a deep gorge. Partially ruined it is the home of a massive goblinoid tribe lorded over by a skilled hobgoblin leader.


Bordered by steep cliffs on three sides, the castle is easily dependable and only has a single wall blocking off the accessible eastern side. Inside the wall are a number of large gardens, currently laying fallow, and a large well.


The castle and surrounding area is entirely populated by goblinoids. The majority of these are common goblins, but there are a large number of bugbears and hobgoblins. A few ogres and trolls have also been pressed into service, but these are rare.

There are a few scattered human villages in the neighboring valleys that used to rely on the castle for protection until it fell. Most of these villages are besieged by goblin forces, or the victims of almost continual raids.


A small goblin nation, Cliffside Castle, is a base for raids on the surrounding countryside. The leader of the goblinoids forces is uncertain of his next move, not wishing to anger Hronth but lacking any other nearby targets. Currently the goblin army is recruiting nearby tribes and training for war.

The few nearby human villages are struggling to avoid extinction. Besieged and surrounded by goblin forces, some are collaborating for survival while others are desperately trying to avoid attention.


Formerly rebuilt and controlled during the Elven Occupation it soon moved into Hronth hands. For a time it was used as an early defense against ogre and gnoll raiders but become somewhat independent after Hronth forces stoped paying for its upkeep.

The sergeant-at-arms maintained the castle by selling his protection to the surrounding valleys until the small force was overrun by goblinoid forces leaving the keep in ruin. Some soldiers left the region to serve as mercenaries while others remained, protecting locals from their new goblin overlords or hoping to retake the castle.


Cliffside Castle – (town, pop 2,000) Once ruled by an independent military that has been isolated, little more than mercenaries with tenuous patriotism. Recently, goblin forces sacked the castle and claimed it for themselves leaving the human forces scattered. The leader is a militant hobgoblin who lords over his brethren and has a cadre of bugbear bodyguards.

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Cliffside Castle

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