The god of nature and the wilds, he is also known as the Sighleen (halfling name), the Green Lord, the King of Beasts, and Guardian of Forests.

Cyleannis is the favoured god of elves and northern halflings. His domains are the natural world including all plants and animals. He also is given praise for harvests and crops, but also the god of weather and is often blamed for a crop’s failure. The King of Beasts is associated both with the positive aspects of nature as well as its cruelty and heartlessness. He is often associated equally with orchards and meat as with savage beasts and poisonous plants. More than the other gods, he is fickle and transient.

The Green Lord, formerly associated with the Sun, is often blamed for the Great Catastrophe and the sun’s stillness. Because of this, his most vocal followers – the elves – are frequently blamed along with him. This belief is common in Grigoran and the Lawless Lands and worship of Cyleannis in the later is rare.

Channel Divinity Feats

  • Melanora
  • Silvanus
  • Chuantes
  • Amaunator
  • Pelor

Major Churches

  • The Church of Cyleannis (any): Also known as the Green Faith, this is the official elven religion and state church. There are few temples of the Green Faith outside of Elflund and El’Tan. The Green Faith preaches harmony with nature and a balance between the wild and the tamed. The Green Faith opposes mass destruction of natural places, especially forests.


  • The Crimson Scourge (Chaotic Good, Evil): The Scourge is a small sect with leanings to apocalypse cults. They believe that Cyleannis attempted to rightly purify the world and they must continue his holy work. They use fire and their weapon, preaching the purifying aspects of flame. Lenient followers believe only the evil and unnatural must be scourged, especially creatures from the Far Realms or the Shadowfell, while more radical members believe all must taste the flame.

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