The god of passions, emotions, and drives; Danforar is also known as the Passionate One, the Lady of the Mind, and Spirit of Creation.

Danforar, as the deity of motivation, also holds sway over inspiration, creativity, and love. Seen by different people as male or female, Danforar is praised for giving people the passion for a cause, ideal, activity, or individual.

The dwarves are ardent followers of Danforar, praising him for their devotion to their crafts. The dwarves also pay homage to Danforar’s teachings, which allow them control their emotions and avoid public affection or open displays of negative emotions. The dwaven beliefs are similar to those the eladrin, who hold Dandforar as their high deity for her teachings on restraint, moderation, and discipline.

In contrast, other races – especially the goliath – praise Danforar for joy and happiness and celebration, and show their devotion through almost hedonistic displays, wild lifestyles, and carefree attitudes.

Channel Divinity Feats

  • Ioun
  • Ogham
  • Bahamut
  • Corellon
  • Angharradh
  • Sune

Major Churches

  • The Path of the Lively (any): The origins of the Lively Faith have been forgotten in time. Rumours suggest its founding pre-dates the Catastrophe but the truth is uncertain. The Lively teach that Danforar is praised through displays of joy and affection and enjoying oneself. Conservative denominations simply try to live joyous lives and stay happy and carefree, and others believe it is important to spread happiness, while more radical groups live almost hedonistically placing their happiness above that of others.
  • The Children of Danforar (any): This more dogmatic and restrictive church of Danofar practices stoicism and restraint. It was founded by the eladrin thousands of years ago and embraced by the dwarves. It teaches adherents to be stoic, often hiding true intentions and beliefs. The Children believe emotions are sacred and not to be shared lightly – or at all. Emotions, and faith, are a private and personal matter to be kept between the individual and their god.


  • The Sisters of Balance (any): A small sect, the Sisterhoods believes in repaying emotion, especially negatives ones. They avenge betrayals and infidelity, punishing those who would blaspheme by abusing something sacred (emotion).

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