The descendants of divine beings trapped on the world at the time of the Great Catastrophe, the angels were unable to return to the Astral Sea upon death and were forced into a cycle of reincarnation. Legends tell that the deva are the ancestors of the gods of good but even they are no longer sure after so many centuries (or even certain which gods were absolutely good). And even those who were once the embodiment of light have been forced to exist in a hard mortal world for a millennium.


The deva are tall and pale with dark patterns on their skin resembling tattoos or painted patterns. They are quite human except for their bi-chromatic colouration, perfect bodies free of blemish or birthmark, and elegant motions. Most deva look similar to each other, with only their unique colouration setting them apart.


Deva are a scattered people with no unified culture or community. Few devas ever meet another of their kind. Some attempt to adapt to local cultures, or at least feign the attempt so as not to stand out or seem disruptive. While not stricken with the same wanderlust as halflings, deva seldom settledown in one town or even nation, but a few feel the urge to rest for a few decades. They walk the Beltway making a living however they can, doing what they will.

In the east, devas are contradictorily both untrusted and respected. They are seldom embraced in a community but neither are they abused or mistreated. Typically, they are all but ignored and left to go about their business unmolested.

In the west, devas are less trusted and feared as an unkown. They had to place in the Old Order so the Grigoran Imperium views them as an anomaly. There is no official policy relating to them. In the Lawless Lands they are treated much like everyone else: with suspicion until they can prove themselves and as a victim until they prove otherwise.


The deva are deeply spiritual, being the children of gods, and most revere their original master. Most deva were originally created with a purpose in mind, which tends to influence their personality, although their lives since often have more impact. Regardless, almost no deva has turned their back on their original master and still worship them.

Of all the gods, there are the most followers of Cyleannis and fewest of Tral’caar. It is assumed battle angels died in greater numbers prior to the Catastrophe, or fell faster into darkness.

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