Distant relations of dragons, dragonborn make their homes in the deserts or the other barren, sun-baked regions of the world. They hail from the far side of the planet where they once had a powerful empire, which initially survived the Great Catastrophe until a terrifying great wyrm awoke and devastated their land.


Resembling humanoid dragons, dragonborn range in hue from red to brown. Traditionally, the noble family and members of the elite caste were crimson while low-born workers and labourers were brown or tan. Since the Catastrophe, the dwindling numbers have prompted more lax breeding so many dragonborns are rust or ochre. Those of noble stock, such as the surviving royals and generals, are still brilliant scarlet, while those of the eastern are typically brown-hues.


Dragonborn in the Beltway vary between the east and west. Western dragonborn are refugees from their fallen empire, while eastern dragonborn are descendants of enclaves of the Old Order who were cut-off from their people during the Catastrophe. Western dragonborn have lost their homes much more recently and some still bear the scars from their defeat and arduous journey across the deserts. Many are sad, broken individuals while a rare few are full of defiant pride. Eastern dragonborn instead spent generations in ghettos trying to survive in human or elven cities. Most no longer even have stories of their Empire and the Beltway is very much their home.


Dragonborn are religious, having founded the Seekers of Tral’caar’s Glory church. Their Emprire was partially centred around their patron deity and much of their culture is based on the church’s dogma of honour and ritual combat.

Dragonborn also revere their ancestors and honoured dead, especially the great heroes of their past. They view Ranvette as the one who accompanies great heroes to the next world.

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