A frozen settlement carved into the southern glacier. It is occupied by halflings and the occasional travellers found in the tundra who do not want to risk a return trip home. The town is little more than a series of burrows split off from the single, central tunnel.


The glacier itself is massive and seemingly endless, the remnant of a flash-frozen ocean covered in layers of hard-packed snow. The town itself is set into a semi-natural cavern laboriously enlarged into a thoroughfare.


Almost entirelyhalfling, Dugout has few permanent residents. The inhabitants seldom stay more than a few months, occasionally as little as a day or two. It is most often used by mothers as a place to winter for their child’s first couple years, or older and injured halflings unable move and hunt.

In addition to the halflings, Dugout sees a number of eladrin, half elf, genasi, and tiefling.

The population wildly varies depending on the weather and season: the population has dropped as low as five-hundred but it can hold as many as five-thousand. The non-halfling population is less fluid but still changes as lost travelers are rescued and brought to the town, or decide to leave for warmer climes.


Dugout’s population exists due to trade with the feral halfling nomads. It offers a place for them to trade food for goods they are unable to produce on the open tundra. Craftsmen in Dugout trade finished clothing for furs or weapons for bone, metal and wood.

A few traders bring goods from the north, moving between Dugout and Impalla, El’Tan or Grigoran.


A halfling, digging into glacier snow for shelter, accidentally fell into a crack in the ice that have been covered in generations of snow and ice forming a large cavern. He told others of his kin who made the cavern a regular stop slowly building it into a continually inhabited waypoint.


Dugout – (town, pop. 1,000-2,500) the nomadic halfling population rotates, more of a rest stop and trading post where they exchange furs and goods with other hunters and craftsmen.

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