Gruff mountain dwellers centered around a hidden chasm: the Dwarf Cliffs. These hardy folk prefer to stay together amongst their own kind but small, isolated communities can be found in shady hidden valleys or carved into the mountains.


Dwarves are short and stocky, typically with well-tanned and leathery skill that was been roughly exposed to the forge, desert winds, un-setting sun, or all three. Their dark, thick hair greys early with traders’ often being bleached by the sun. Dwarves typically have an earthy appearance, with dirt coloured skin and rock coloured hair. All male dwarves have beards, which they are proud of. They keep these well-groomed and combed. Miners and craftsmen let their beards grow long while outdoor dwarves keep their beards reasonably trimmed due to the heat.


Most dwarves live underground, albeit in caves or carved tunnels. A race of miners, many of their communities are abandoned mines. Their homes are seldom entirely subterranean, often having large openings or buildings on the surface; outsiders often describe dwarven settlements as having sizable, interconnected cellars. Their capital is the Dwarf Cliffs, a deep chasm with a thin river at the bottom. It is less a city than a kingdom with half-dozen small cities built into the canyon’s walls. Dwarves are craftsmen by nature and most have some skill at mining or forging, if not both. They are reluctant farmers and hunters, often forcing the unwanted task on least skilled.


Dwarves often find themselves lacking in faith. This is a great hole in their lives. Dwarves were bred to follow orders and the lack of a clear divine authority weighs on the dwarven soul.

Most dwarves belong to the Children of Danforar church, which teaches them to veil their feelings and avoid emotional displays. Their faith also teaches them to have a passion for innovation and creation; as dwarves live to build and craft work becomes a religious experience. But many dwarves find this impersonal religion empty.

There are a number of dwarven followers of Tral’caar, most in the Disciples of the Warbringer church. The church’s emphasis on a soldier’s strict role in an endless war adds some small sense of regimented purpose to dwarven lives. The Dwarf Cliffs is not at war with any nation, but the Warmongers’ faith teaches them there is battle everywhere.

Some rare dwarves have embraced some tenants of Grigoranism, but these are rarely accepted by other followers of that religion.

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