The eladrin are kin to elves, they live in the extraplanar Feywild. The most common eladrin encountered are those who have been forced to make their home in the Beltway. Those trapped by the Catastrophe have been striving to magically return home for generations. The twilight empire of El’Tan is ruled and populated by eladrin.


Paler than even elves, eladrin are often untouched by the sun and almost universally have fair, straight hair ranging from silver to blond, occasionally being a very pale blue or green; this hair is usually kept long and free. Their eyes are vibrant and varied, typically bright blues, greens, violets and yellows but silver is not unheard of.

Eladrin have an unearthly aura about them and move with precision and grace. Every action seems to be deliberate and planned.


The graceful eladrin live in magically preserved elven ruins. Long ago it was accepted that these settlements would be temporary, so new construction is rare and only serious repairs are undertaken. Eladrin typically dress in flowing robes and light but vibrant colours, which contrast with their monotone environment.

A deeply magical race, eladrin use simple spells in everyday life and most have some arcane training. As extraplanar beings, they can still slip into the Feywild, but only for brief moments. This is torturous to older eladrin, as they can forever glimpse their true home but seem barred from returning. Younger eladrin have more ties to the Beltway and fewer to the far away world they have never truly known. This generation gap is causing great tension in eladrin communities.


Eladrin revere arcane magic, and very seldom following a clerical path. Most are wizards or warlocks and believe in the arcane not the divine. Very few eladrin even choose to pay lip service to the divine or being lay members of a church.

Those few that choose faith follow the ancient eladrin church, The Children of Danforar. It teaches the eladrin to be stoic and focused. The once dominant religion has dwindled but its tenants have become an integral part of the eladrin culture.

Grigoranism is unknown among eladrin. Followers of that path are not openly despised, but quietly and passively disliked.

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