Woodsmen of a fallen empire, the elves have retreated to their ancestral woods and rule over the nation known as Elflund. Traveling elves can be found elsewhere in the Beltway, as the descendants of those cut-off by the Great Catastrophe. Every sizable forest in the Beltway typically has a few elves or small community in it.


Elves have fair skin that varies in hue from a light to dark tan. Their hair is straight and typically brown although many have dark red or dirty blond hair. Elves keep their hair bound and tied to prevent it getting caught in clothing or terrain. Elven eyes are striking in their vibrancy, being bright blue or green. Some elves have dark brown eyes which are equally brilliant.


The elves have reverted to comfortable traditions and the old ways. They have become increasingly xenophobic and intolerant. This is particularly noticeable in the elf nation of Taelon, although independent settlements are also solitary. Elves are increasingly rigid and conservative, despite the enlightenment, and hedonism, of their past (or perhaps because of it).

Having lost their empire and having been driven from the human lands, the elves have turned inward in attempts to restore themselves. Many are obsessed with perfection and their own morality or superiority. Others are still interested in forcing their superior morality and culture on others.

Elves, regardless of location, live a simple life and try to be as harmonious with nature as possible. Many live as simple hunters and gatherers, while others practice subsistence farming. They live simply and wildly, mostly rejecting the large cities of old.


Elves Cyleannis, the god of nature. He has long been their patron deity and the Church of Cyleannis has been the official elven state religion since before recorded history. In addition to the Green Faith, a few elves respect Ranvette, but this is typically in addition to the official faith.

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