Warriors and those who live by the sword are common, but true fighters are rare. They are seen as peerless warriors and the equal of a dozen average men. Lords and noble pray they are lucky enough to find such a naturally talented or skilled man amongst their recruits.

Most common folk view fighters much like they see soldiers or mercenaries: dangerous and unpredictable figures that are well-armed and deadly. Most common folk only have farming or crafting tools that double as weapons and few have every used a sword or shield.

Some fighters are gifted amateurs: naturally talented brawlers with innate skill and instinctual knowledge of weaponry. Other are the most dedicated of soldiers who practice long hours to master stances and techniques. Larger cities on Hronth and the Grigoran Imperium have academies for the martially inclined. Graduates of these schools are trained in the basics of melee combat and military tactics. Those in the Imperium are also indoctrinated with scripture and pushed to join the army’s ranks, while those in Hronth are simply encouraged to sign-up, but there is still competition from the noble wishing skilled man-at-arms and guards.

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