Kin to the tieflings, genasi are descendants of humans and elemental creatures. Like many races they were bred as a workforce in the Old Order. Most genasi live in isolated pockets and hamlets away from major settlements. Like tieflings, genasi are considered untrustworthy and mongrels by most humans and uncivilized brutes by elves.


Roughly human, genasi have unusually hued skin and very unusual hair –if it can be called that. Thin lines, similar to scars or wrinkles, crisscross their bodies in chaotic patterns. These lines are passed down through familiar lines and glow with elemental energy when the genasi uses their elemental talents.

They exact appearance of a genasi depends on their elemental progenitors. For example, fire genasi having darker skin with brilliant red highlights, while air genasi are pale grey with fair hair and eyes. Aquatic genasi have blue skin varying from light blue to indigo and frost genasi have cool blue skin with crystalline hair. Earth genasi have rough brown skin and dark eyes.


In the eastern lands genasi are unpopular but free. They are among the poorest in the region, being former slaves who left their homes once freed. They settled in the rough areas unclaimed by others, or sought hidden locals that had been lost since the Catastrophe. Free genasi are self-sufficient out of necessity as they hide themselves from most other races: they fear enslavement if free or fear reprisal if slaves.

In the Grigoran Imperium they are slaves like the tieflings and other planetouched. They are used for their unique origins and paired with appropriate tasks. Young genasi of different types are often separated from their parents and moved to more appropriate areas.

Unlike tieflings, genasi are divided and split by family and elemental origins. They easily splinter into factions and clichés, which often makes them harder to organize or unite. Inherently divided, they seldom try to escape or rebel or act alone when they make the attempt.


Genasi revere the Primordials of the Elemental Chaos, and are less concerned with gods and other religions. Genasi seldom have clerics of their own and rarely become divine classes. A few respect the chaos inherent in Destruction, which works well with their elemental natures.

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