Savage pack humanoids, gnolls have a reputation for living in ruins of other races. After the Catastrophe there were an uncountable number of abandoned towns and cities that quickly became lairs. Gnoll raiders are a common sight in the hills and lowlands, particularly targeting elven lands, Hronth, and Cellinia.


Gnoll divide themselves into packs lead by an alpha. They dress to differentiate between packs, using coloured bandannas and rags. Some bands use warpaint on their fur to distinguish their pack, but this is rarer.

Gnolls subsist on raiding so most of their clothing and armour is stolen from their neighbours and then adapted for their use. They decorate their captured goods with the bones of victims or stain it with blood.


Vicious, predatory pack animals, gnolls are a constant hazard for small villages, poorly defended towns and traveling caravans. They live off the spoils of raids producing little of their own and relying on slaves for labour and food. As they happily eat other humanoids and they seldom leave survivors.

Gnolls live in ruins abandoned by other races but are often nomadic, moving between ruins to giving hunting grounds time to recover between raids. They sometimes craft crude tents or huts in their ruin homes, but more often just rest in half-collapsed buildings.

Gnoll packs are lead by an alpha male. While there are other males in the pack, these are typically younger and smaller. Young males can challenge the alpha for leadership, but the price of failure is almost always death, although an alpha can choose to exile a challenger if they wish. The alpha gets first choice of the females, often three or four, but there are typically enough females for younger males as well. The alpha decides where to lead and raid and when to move, they dictate the life of the pack. Alphas that fail repeatedly are often challenged or driven out by the pack as a whole. Other times aberrant or uncooperative gnolls are also drive away from the pack.


Demon-worshipers, gnolls revere terrible creatures and beings of chaos and destruction. They construct hideous totems of bones and skin in all their settlements. Yeenoghu is the most common demon-lord worshipped by gnolls, but some favour lesser demons or are even swayed by charismatic devils.

A few very rare gnolls follow the path of Destruction, but few can handle any form of organized religion.

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