A once great and proud race of magical folk, the gnomes have had their empire shattered and they retreated to hidden strongholds. The vast majority have fled to safe houses in other worlds, especially the Feywild and Shadowfell, leaving only the descendants of those who could not escape or make it to shelter. These surface gnomes vary greatly with some being rural woodsfolk while others dwelling in caverns or ruins.


Short and akin to dwarves or halflings, gnomes have pale wiry hair and large dark eyes. Male gnomes bald early but often have elaborate facial hair. Most gnomes have prominent noses, either large and round or long and thin. Gnomes dress in wide range of clothing, formerly being creatures of fashion and luxury. They have an innate need to dress well and be comfortable.

The current appearance of gnomes varies depending on their location. Gnomes of the Feywild dress in earthy colours, mostly yellows, greens and browns, while gnomes of the Shadowfell dress in monochrome.


Fairly hedonistic and selfish, gnomes are concerned with impractical things such as illusions and song and enchantments. They relied on others to do even the simplest of tasks, or their social skills: they have a reputation as manipulators and schemers. While the newer generations of gnomes have been forced to rely on themselves, being unable to order others into action, they still prefer to manipulate, trick, or talk their way out of troublesome situations.

Gnomes typically surround themselves with minions or servants, relying on others to act on their behalf. For some these are raised animals while others use ensorcelled henchmen or hired bodyguards. Gnomes still in the Beltway are often wild and uncivilized, descendants of those who had no idea how to survive on their own. Others disguise themselves and mingle in the society of other races, or claim the remnants of gnomish fortresses and citadel’s as their own.


Gnomes have little time for religion and the idea of beings more important than themselves. However, clerics and other divine gnomes are not entirely unknown. The trickster side of them respects the chaos of Destruction but, as illusionists and artisans, they enjoy the thrill of Creation. Despite an appreciation for both, few gnomes follow balance.

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