Cruel and wicked creatures, goblins live in the wild, untamed spaces between towns. Where other people prefer not to live goblins make a home. They breed quickly and are seldom dangerous when encountered alone, but they are formidable in large numbers.


True goblins are small with skin that varies, being greenish-yellow, orange, or red and sunken yellow eyes. They have greasy black hair typically tied back. They dress in simple clothes of hides and leathers, often scavenged from other races cast-offs.

Hobgoblins are taller and stronger, having red-hued skin and dressing in more elaborate clothing. Martial creatures, hobgoblins prefer armour or clothing that resembles armour. Bugbears look like much, much larger and hairier goblins.


Most goblins live in out of the way places and make a living raiding other creatures. Unskilled and cowardly, they typically attack caravans and trade routes over other settlements, preferring to waylay travelers. Goblins sometimes squat in unused portions of ruins, fighting for territory with larger creatures such as gnolls and ogres. Some goblin tribes lurk in dark corners or larger human cities, hiding in the sewers or subterranean ruins.

Inherently cruel, goblins have a hard pecking order with the stronger bulling those weaker than them who, in turn, abuse the even weaker in a chain of cruelty. Hobgoblins tend to be at the top of this hierarchy, even abusing larger bugbears.

Goblins live communal lives, sharing everything including food, spoils and living areas, with the chieftan receiving a slightly larger share. While goblins seldom farm or build settlements, preferring to scavenge, they are capable and even skilled when properly motivated or instructed. Goblins regularly fight amongst themselves but can work well together and, when threatened, often act as team.

Hobgoblins are larger, braver goblins. Like goblins they act in unison, only hobgoblins are far more militaristic and organized. Hobgoblins often form larger communities and warbands to raid other races. Hobgoblins regularly make their own tools and weapons.

Bugbears, rumoured to be nex mutated goblins or hobgoblins, are angry and feral creatures. Short-sighted and brutal they enjoy violence for its own sake. While they often form their own communities, or enslave small bands of goblins, bugbears are commonly found as servants of hobgoblins. Despite being smaller than bugbears, hobgoblins have a knack for manipulating or threatening their savage kin.


Goblins have little faith in anything but themselves. They occasionally worship mythical goblin heroes and demigods or even powerful demons. Some chieftains convince their followers to worship them, although few goblins take this faith seriously.

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