Living high in the mountains, goliaths are a spiritual people deeply connected with the natural world. They live in small communities build along the sides of mountains, typically on wide ledges or outcroppings. They live a hard, rugged life away from the trappings and pretences of civilization.


Goliaths are massive individuals, taller than even the dragonborn and powerfully built. They clad themselves in natural fabrics, hides, and leathers. They often dress for colder weather, despite often being in mountains continually exposed to the sun.

Their skin is rough and boney, resembling rock. Their skin is typically grey but unevenly splotched with other colours, typically dark grey, brown, or a muddy red.


High above the plains, the goliaths live on the sides of cliffs and mountains where no other creatures dwell. They often make their homes in small, simple caves or simple structures. Goliaths believe in simple, austere lives and have few material possessions. Deeply spiritual, goliaths feel a kinship to the earth and a deep faith in the gods.

The mountain peaks were never truly part of the Old Order and the goliaths were little influenced by the fall and rise of other empires. They maintain the same lifestyle they have had for millennia. When possible they prefer to use bone and stone over metal, and favour natural products over manufactured or magical. Goliath flint and obsidian tools are often just as effective as steel and iron.

Goliaths also embrace competition and challenge, trying continually to best each other and themselves. They gauge their ability in all activities and always rate themselves compared to past efforts and others, even if the other is not also keeping score.


Goliaths are a deeply spiritual people. Their ritualistic society, with its primal aspects, holds a deep respect for the gods. There is no primary god among the goliaths: all are equal. While the Green Faith of Cyleannis holds a slim advantage over the other gods, goliaths say daily prayers to all the gods save Grigor.

Danforar is praised highly for that god’s place in competition and individual drives, while Ranvette is praised for one’s life and as guardian of the honoured dead. Tral’caar gets the least praise, save during hunts; the large goliaths have little use for battle or war.

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