The state-faith of Grigoran, followers are sometimes known as Grigorites to differentiate them from (possibly) lay countrymen. More devout followers are known as Faithful and act as militant crusaders for the faith.

Grigor, the god-king, has built up a cult of personality. While other lands view him as something of a madman, his cult has only grown, especially as the clearly human king has ruled for over a century while still appearing fit and middle-aged! Grigor preaches a faith of rebirth and a new order. He claims the world ended and was reborn for humans to make the land in their image, free of extraplanar influence. Elementals, tieflings, extraplanar beings, and those of mixed blood are blamed for the Catastrophe, and for interfering with the affairs of mortal beings. Grigorites accept some non-humans, but only those without ready magical abilities such as halflings and dwarves. Some are tolerant of the “mostly human” half-elves. Grigorites loath eladrin, gnomes, and tieflings above other races, and distrust and condemn the arcane arts. They believe elves were the pawns of extraplanar forces but are still too deluded to be trustworthy.

Followers of Grigor do believe in elements of both Creation and Destruction; the remnants of the Old Order must be destroyed and replaced, but that which is human and mortal must be maintained and preserved. Creators and Destroyers both accuse Grigorites of both stagnation and violating the natural order, but Grigor teaches that the old religions helped result in the Catastrophe and if the status quo is not maintained then the world will end. Other critics of Grigor claim he is not a god and his followers channel the power of Creation or Destruction like all other wielders of divine power. However, his followers counter that Grigor’s clerics display powers and abilities other clerics cannot.

Major Churches

  • The Followers of Grigor (any): The Followers, or Grigorites, consider themselves the only true church of Grigor and dismiss those of the “True Faith” as misguided heretics, albeit less misguided than those of other religions. They worship Grigor as a living god as well as secular king. They follow the contemporary teachings of the church which emphasizes the advancement and preservation of human accomplishments. They encourage the destruction or confiscation of non-human influences but accept dwarves and halflings as “near human”.
  • The Truth Faith (any): The True Faith preaches and emphasizes the original words of Grigior. They argue that Grigor was forced to censor his divine word when he became a king as well as a god, or was outright corrupted by secular power. Others believed that a leader’s need to compromise has forced an infallible being to make what would otherwise be mistakes. They believe that inhuman influences must be removed before humanity can flourish and that even nonmagical races such as dwarves and halflings are inherently tainted.

Divine Feats

  • Avadara’s Rescue
  • Harmony of Erathis
  • Moradin’s Resolve
  • Raven Queen’s Blessing

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