Half Elf

Born of mixed unions, half-elves are torn between the two worlds and act as a reminder of the Elven Occupation. Half-elves can be found across the Beltway, some seeking a new home and others fleeing their old.


A mixture of human and elven features, half-elves have dark skin that is typically a light brown. Many have curly or kinky hair but just as many have the straight hair of elves. Half-elven hair is uniformly thicker than elven hair and typically kept short. Half-elven eyes are brighter than human’s but are not as brilliant as their elven kin, nor as curiously hued as eladrin orbs. Unlike their fey kin, half-elves have facial hair and many can grow beards, although some have patchy beards or can only grow goatees.


In the Elven Nation, half-elves are systematically kept down and limited to poorer districts and ghettos: their blood is unclean and their heritage uncertain. In human land they keep to themselves often forming their own smaller, isolated communities. There are often small half-elven settlements separated from human towns by a road or stream. In the Lawless Lands and Grigoran “feytown” is slang for ghettos or poorer areas often home to large numbers of half-elves.

In larger human cities half-elves are treated poorly and looked down upon, especially in the western lands. In more open rural communities, local half-elves residents are treated like any other neighbour while unfamiliar half-elves are treated as strangers (typically poorly or fearful).


Half-elves are often jaded and faithless. Many are focused on changing themselves and the world and thus lean to the tenants of Danforar. Others are full of rage which leads them down the path of Thral’caar. Half-elves raised in elven lands occasionally lean to the official state religion of the Church of Cyleannis, but an equal number reject that chuch.

Grigorism is rare as it is openly intolerant of their mixed blood, but a number of half-elves find peace in themselves through the idea of a new order or simply the persecution of others. Some believe they can be purified of their inhuman half through fervent devotion to Grigior.

A number of half-elves have also found themselves swayed by the teachings of the yuan-ti serpent cult. They long to become something other than themself, even if it leads away from humanity.

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Half Elf

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