Half Orc

Half-orcs are savage mutated humans, known for their hardiness and brutality. Rumored to be humans once long, long ago, they are now all but a separate species. Half-orcs live nearby orcs in the deserts and mountains of the northern Beltway, but many are nomadic and can be found in various nations.


Half-orcs skin varies greatly, being various hues of greenish-brown, grey, or sickly tan. They often adorn themselves with piercings and tattoos. Most have large battle scars across their frames, often deliberately treated poorly to leave better scars. Orcs dress in simple make-shift clothing, needing little to cover themselves with the desert heat.


So-called half-orcs typically result from unions of half-orcs, but occasionally from breeding between orcs and humans, or as throw-backs from orc parents.

Half-orcs, like orcs, live in large nomadic tribes that continually war with each other and raiding human settlements for slaves and meat. Unlike gnolls, half-orcs produce their own simplistic (but effective) weapons and armour, occasionally even farming for food; they just prefer not to.

Half-orcs communities are lead by the biggest and strongest with frequent changes in leadership. Orc bands are inconstant with bands dividing or combining on a regular basis.


Half-orcs revere chaos and Destruction, although this is seldom organized. There are very few half-orc clerics and most prefer primal shamans and witch-doctors over divine priests. Some orcs also turn their worship to demon-lords that offer temptations, typically might or power. Most orcs cannot be bothered with spiritually when there are things to kill.

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Half Orc

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