A divided people, the diminutive halflings are both a primal race of hunters and a nomadic barge folk. The former live in the desolate tundra and ice of the South, while the latter are found in the warmer band of the Beltway on various rivers and streams.


The look of a halfling depends on their origin. Southern halflings are pale –almost albinos– who dress in heavy furs and hides with long unruly hair that they often bleach white. Their eyes are dark, often with large pupils to take advantage of the scarce light in their twilight tundra.

In stark contrast, northern halflings are tanned from the sun with long, dark hair which they often elaborately style into braids or with decorative beads. Halflings dress in simple, utilitarian clothing, although some have a more flamboyant style and dress to impress. River halflings equally favour bright and dark clothing depending on their personality or mood.


They are nomads from the snowy tundra, uncivilized and savage, and are feral hunter in the land of endless night. They eat whatever they can kill and kill whatever they can eat. They dwell in skin tents or burrows in the glacier and only keep an oral history; they have almost completely lost their written language, which survives as decorations. They move with their prey, never building lasting settlements.

Alternatively, they lazily move up and down the rivers, trading between isolated villages and bringing foreign goods and information. They live in their flat-bottom barges or sleep under the stars. Some hafling bands travel between rivers, making use of ancient irrigation systems to move between waterways, or portaging overland. These bands sometimes cross the entire Beltway from the Lawless Lands to Elflund. Other bands stake out a particular large river and slowly move up and down it, regularly trading with the adjacent communities.


Northern halflings are a chaotic folk and lean towards Danforar and the Path of the Lively. While they are not openly hedonistic, they are free and unrestrained. Halfling clerics compare this to a river voyage: you don’t get anywhere with the anchor down.

Southern halflings tend to be more focused on the here-and-now and less interested in faith or religion. Magic of any kind tends to be shunned by halflings who prefer to trust instinct or primal forces. Those few that embrace higher beings lean to Thral’caar and the smaller Spillers of Blood cult with an emphasis on hunting.

A growing number of halflings have been swayed by Grigorism and the creation of something entirely new. The idea of abandoning the past appeals to halflings, who are always looking ahead and downstream. While typically less intolerant, halflings have no love of some of the bigger races, although most accept humans as halfling-esque.

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