Humankind is spread across the Beltway in communities of varying size, farms, and ranches. The nations of the Grigoran Imperium and Hronth are ruled by humans and there are large numbers in the Lawless Lands and Cellinia.


Humans are dark skinned ranging from a tan to a deep brown. Human hair is thick and typically dark brown or black and varies between wavy and curly. Human eyes are typically brown or black but other colours do occur. Human hairstyles vary. Those of Grigoran tend to keep their hair trimmed short and some shave their head while those of Hronth often braid their hair or have it otherwise styled.

Human clothing varies on nation. Most humans live in small communities or surrounding farms and ranches and dress in simple, functional clothing. Leather and other cured skin and hide is a common, sturdy clothing material, as are coarse wools. City humans often have more varied fashion, with Hronth being famous for its changing looks and variations. Grigoran fashion tends to be simple and un-dyed, often favouring pale greys and white as a sign of purity.


Humans have a well-earned reputation for variety, frequently changing between communities and nations. The lifestyle of most does not vary as they do what they can to make a living, be it crafting, ranching, or tilling the soil. Most humans live in small, isolated communities that do what they can to survive against monsters, bandits, raiders, or worse.

The common folk of the Grigoran Imperium devote much of their free time to prayer and must make small sacrifices to the God-king. Their leisure hours are often spent in prostration, even if they are devout, to avoid persecution or drawing the attention of the Faithful.

The common folk of Hronth live much of the life the same, only without the required time in prayer. Some still follow a faith and spend their time in worship, but others engage in more enjoyable pursuits. However, much of the lowest class are little more than slaves and work hard to enrich the landowners. The elites and nobles live a much more hedonistic life, seldom working and spending much of their time in leisure activities. Although, the Hronthian noble class is not particularly representative of humanity.


Frequently religious in the Old Order, elves used religion and fear of damnation to keep labourers and the lower-class in-line. Humans still lean towards spirituality and seek meaning and purpose through faith. Humans often have trouble with the idea of balance and harmony, often dividing the world into back-and-white or mutually exclusive opposites.

During the Elven Occupation the Church of Cyleannis was forced on the human nations. As a result of this there are still many large churches devoted to that god in Hronth, but fewer followers in lingering protest to their oppressor’s beliefs.

In Hronth, the nobels often subscribe to Path of the Lively and Danforar while Tral’caar has a sporadic following. The poorer serfs often follow Ranvette, hoping their suffering will be eased and dreaming of a better life in the next world.

Humans are equally likely to follow the four Old Gods, and the Church of Grigor is predominantly human. The majority of serpent cultists are also humans.

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