Beyond the Borderidge mountains, in the southern darkness, is the small elven kingdom of Impalla. Survivors of a once tropical province, they have been hardened by years in the unending night.


Impalla is set onto a hilltop above a shallow river valley that remains frozen year round. The community is surrounded to the north and west by lengthy stretches of desolate tundra.

Frozen Forrest – This small dense wood was flash-frozen, with the trees now covered in a thick layer of ice giving them a crystalline appearance.

Glow Plains – Named for the occasional light reflected off the clouds that illuminates this stretch of the tundra. It is rare and barely brighter than moonlight, but gives the impression the sky is glowing.

The Span – This is a dark, desolate stretch of land. While warm breezes from the north keep the region bearable in the summer, in the winter the Span becomes chocked with snow. There is little vegetation, save grasses and small shrubs.


Impalla’s population is entirely composed of elf. There are occasional wild halfling visitors, but none ever stay and most avoid the city. A few genasi and tiefling live in the surrounding hills, but none are considered part of Impalla.


Folk are reserved and mysterious practicing unique magics. Like all elves, they live in harmony with nature, even if theirs is more deadly and unforgiving.

The elves spend much of their time growing crops in large greenhouses and hunt the nearby tundra for meat. They trade with El’Tan for supplies they are unable to get for themselves.


Once a small elven farming community of orchards and large plantations, Impalla was the central hub community where the rural folk gathered. The Catastrophe devastated the region: their crops quickly died without sunlight and the frightened folk struggled to survive.

The few survivors were barely eking out a living in the perpetual twilight until a few centuries ago when the suddenly began to thrive.

Shortly after, the halflings began tp avoid the city and surrounding areas, claiming the elves made a pact with dark forces. Grigoran banned its subjects from dealings with the elves if Impalla. The eladrin of El’Tan are less suspicious and openly trade the elves and the two lands have an informal alliance.


Impalla – (town, pop. 2,460) Once a large farming community it has been shrinking over the years, perpetually snowed-in and dark. The elven-buildings predate the catastrophe. The town feels ancient and antiquated, as well as empty. The settlement could easily hold four times the population.

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