Small and cowardly, kobolds are reptilian scavengers and predators that prey on the weak. They dwell across the world, in places where their revered dragons might be found: rivers, swamps, mountains, forests, and tundra.


Typically a pale, sickly green, the scales and horns of a kobold are often capped in the colours of a chromatic dragon. They have dull red or yellow eyes and typically dress in hide and furs decorated with bones or coloured beads.


Kobolds live in small tribes, distinguished from other tribes by the highlights of their scales and horns. Most kobolds worship dragons of the appropriate colour and settle in appropriate terrain. While dragons tend to ignore kobolds, the small creatures still leave sacrifices and tributes to their wyrm “gods”. Kobolds spend their time raiding and scavenging goods and treasure, using cunning traps and snares to aid in their hunts.

Religion is the basis of kobold society and their lifestyle revolves around their draconic idols. The centre of any kobold community is a dragon (either real or a representation) with a priest directly below that. There are very few secular kobold societies, and all kobolds inherently seek guidance from above.


Kobolds worship dragons, whom they claim created them in their image. They are often the servants of powerful wyrms and make their lairs near legendary dragons. Few kobolds gain spiritual powers from the worship of dragons, and those that do are assumed to be unwittingly tapping into the powers of Destruction.

With dragons being rare creatures many kobold tribes are unable to find a subject of reverence and must instead make do with crude idols or representations of dragons. They build large shrines and sacrifice goods or leave small offerings in the hopes of attracting a real dragon to serve as their god.

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