A large mining town that is known for its Nexus Crystal deposits. The town was a well-tapped source of revenue for Hronth, especially the nation’s nobles. The town recently fought and gained its independence, but whether or not the town retains its independence remains to be seen.


The city proper of Krath is centered in a rocky valley with a number of smaller hamlets set into the hills and surrounding mountainsides.

The surrounding mountains are honeycombed with tunnels, mostly old dwarven and gnomish structures and mines. A few of these are still inhabited by dwarves and there are rumours of underground gnomish settlements.

The central road through the mountains runs through a lengthy but narrow pass, with Krarth itself at one end. Control of the pass gives control of the city and all the connected valleys and mines.

Population Krath is populated by a mix of human, dwarves and both orc and half orc. The latter two are typically the result of recent Nex mutations. There is also the occasional half elf or genasi settlement in hills.


Mostly working-class labourers and miners, Krath is known as a nation without culture. At the very fringes of civilization, it has much more in common with the Lawless Lands than the refined and decadent cities of Hronth.

The folk of Krath work as miners, craftsmen, farmers, and ranchers. The artisans produce simple and functional items, mostly tools and the essentials of life.

Life in Krath is hard and dirty. Food is limited and flavorless and almost everything is old and used. Clothing is reused and patched until it falls apart and everything is recycled and handed down. Despite the inherent wealth of the region, a fortune in Nex and ore, Hronth’s nobles carefully limit the gold and resources that flow into the valley.


Krath was exploited by Hronth for decades as the elite nobles bought the valuable crystals for a pittance then sold them for massive profits. Originally it was only seasonal mining camps that were occupied for a time to fill a need for ore then abandoned. As the need for ore and Nex grew, the settlements increased and overlapped.

Krath was often filled with criminals sentenced the hard labour. The original permanent inhabitants were all criminals convicted yet not worthy of a death sentence. As the need for miners increased, even those sentenced to death were often sent to Krath. Later, the most desperate of the lower class also moved to Krath, as a chance to work themselves out of debt.

Recently, the township rose-up and rebelled. Hronth has sent troops but the sturdy miners managed to repel them in the rocky mountain passes. The natural choke-points and cliffs allowed the local defenders to ward of the professional soldiers.


Krath – (city, pop. 12,000) A united collection of Nex mining towns. The region is known for its mutating and magically twisting people, including many half-orcs and other unique oddities –although not as twisted as the folk of New Kelos. Krath prides itself on the safety of its workers and methods of mining, providing masks and air-filters for many and avoiding drinking water from tainted streams.

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