A former village in the kingdom of Leeshmarch, Lookview is a small city built along the wide edge of a cliff. The city is well defended and known for its well-trained militia.


The city is built along a long the edge of a jagged cliff overlooking a number of valleys and smaller mountains. The surrounding mountainside has several winding roads carved into the side, many predating the Catastrophe but several newer paths. There are a number of large forts and guard towers along these narrow paths to discourage raiders.


As a remainder of the fallen human empire of Leeshmarch, Lookview is primarily human although there is a small minority of half elf. Most half-elves were cast out of Leeshmarch following the end of the Elven Occupation and current half-elven residents are the offspring of elven traders or half-elven travelers fleeing the orcs.

A large number of dragonborn lived in the surrounding hills during the time of Leeshmarch, with many now residing in the city itself. Some have left for the City of Glass to the north, but many remain believing this town is now their home.


The population of Lookview barely manages to feed itself, harvesting whatever it can in its small fields and gardens. The population often hunts through the surrounding hills during times of peace.

Orc raids are common so the people are always ready to seal themselves behind their thick walls and defend themselves. Much of the population has some training in warfare and every family has at least one weapon, often two or three.

The city also trades for food and often hires out some of its guards for mercenary efforts. The guardsmen have a well-earned reputation for skill, efficiency, and ruthlessness.


Lookview was established at the height of the brief nation of Leeshmarch, built as a scout fortress to keep an eye on the borders of the nation and built in the heart of a small town. The security of the location and guards attracted settlers turning the village into a small city.

The town survived the fall, because of the protection of a number of dragonborn that made a home nearby and agreed to defend the city. They worked with the human soldiers and have formed a formidable troop that remains skilled and efficient to this day.


Lookview – (city, pop. 10,120) Built along a large cliff outcropping, the town is long and narrow, shaped like a thin “V” and famed for its spectacular views of the surrounding valleys. The town trades for much of its food but still has scattered farms in the nearby valleys, but these are occasionally raided. The town uses the prestige of its guards as a trusted mercenary force, trading security for raw goods which are crafted into finished products and sold for food.

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