Powerful bull-men, minotaurs make their home in the mountains, typically the vast stretches of the Hronthian peaks. They live in isolated valleys, small towns, or hidden fortresses.


Minotaurs are covered in a thin covering of fur that grows long across their limbs, back, and head. This shaggy fur is typically brown or black and their eyes yellow or red. They also have large horned heads and cloven feet but human-like hands. Larger than humans, minotaurs are muscularly built. Basically civilized, minotaurs dress in heavy togas or large kilts. Ironically, minotaurs favour leathers and thick hide for their clothes over wool or cotton.


Vicious and aggressive, minotaurs are a slaver race that captures prisoners to work in their cities. Sometimes, minotaur slave traders venture into the Lawless Lands or northern Grigoran to trade for slaves or capture the unwary or weak.

Minotaurs have a strict caste system. The largest caste is the warriors that capture slaves, defend their settlements, and hunt for food. However, it is the cabal or religious or caste leads the settlements and offers spiritual advice. There are lesser castes filled by merchants and craftsmen but these are little more than slaves and treated derisively by the martial caste.

All other races and fill out the lowest rank and act as labourers. Dragonborn are the exception as minotaurs view them with respect and will never take dragonborn as slaves, instead offering them an honorable death in battle.

Curiously, while minotaurs are impulsive and chaotic they are loyal with a strong sense of personal honour. They respect their superiors and those higher in the caste hierarchy. Minotaurs never break an oath or betray those they have allied with; all minotaurs would rather die than dishonour themselves.


Minotaurs worship demons, especially a demon-prince known as the Horned Lord. However, the warrior caste has little use for faith and leaves that to the cabalists. Some minotaur communities also revere Destruction for its martial purposes but still typically pay homage to the Horned Lord.

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