A former Leeshmarch town, Orkeep has been claimed by the orc nation that sacked the town, and has been made it a major outpost. Most of the raiding parties and war bands launched on elven territories come from Orkeep.


At the edge of grassland near the Great Desert, it is surrounded by unclaimed territory populated by roving bands of orcs. To the northwest is the Wood Hills and the Hronthian Peaks. A short distance to the west is the defended border of Elflund.


It is generally accepted that Orkeep is populated entirely by orc. However, there is a large number of human, elf, and half elf inhabitants who are kept as slaves, labourers, and cattle. Sometimes after large but unsuccessful raids, the majority of the population is non-orcs.


Orkeep is a fortress held by rotating bands of orcs as a place to prepare for or recover from raids against the elves or humans. The surrounding areas are little more than barren and fallow fields, often filled with tents or war-bands.

The elven and human population occasionally tends the surrounding fields, growing foodstuff, but more typically is held in cages or large pits and used as foodstuff. The slaves also maintain the keep and much of the orc equipment. The slaves are communal property and usually belong to no one orc, although war-chiefs often claim a few personal servants.


Built by humans out of elven ruins , the fortress known known as Orkeep was built as a bastion of defense against the elves and northern gnolls. It was one of the first true human fortresses, a massive keep of stone and brick.

During the elven raids of Leeshmarch, the keep was left sparsely defended while troops were marshaled on the western front. The desert orcs easily seized the keep, claiming it as their own and using it as a staging ground for the eventual fall of Leeshmarch.


Orkeep – (town, pop. 3,480) The original city was originally built around a massive park complete with large zoo, with a fortress atop that. During the reign of the elven occupation and Leeshmarch, the zoo and park flourished despite the dry location. Now the park has been turned into a massive slave/chattel pen where captured elves and humans are stored as food. The more savage (and long-lived) beasts from the zoo are used as entertainment and unleashed on prisoners. The central keep is well-maintained and continually manned by orc forces.

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