The holy warriors are rarer than either clerics or fighters and are often mistaken for one or the other. They have the armour and weaponry of warriors and are often just as imposing as any fighter, yet they may also have the divine influence of clerics.

The common folk, when they recognize paladins, tend to be less cowed then when confronted by fighters or clerics. Paladins have a reputation for honour and nobility, even if it is not always earned. Many dark paladins have cause great harm to small regions, causing the locals to become jaded or cynical regarding the righteous figures.

Many paladins hail from the martial academies of the Grigoran Imperium, where weapon skills are taught in equal potion with zealotry. Many larger churches raise orphans or their wards to be paladins or protectors of the faith. Elven paladins are also common, frequently joining elite orders designed to protect the forests or the royal families.

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