Goddess of both death and life, Ranvette – or Mistress Rann – guides the souls of the departed to their unknown destination and manages the treads of fate. While seen as the bringer (and ender) of life she is not viewed as a creator or designer Ranvette simply breathes life into the lifeless or takes away her precious gift.

Ranvette is seldom exclusively worshiped, but is often prayed to by people during times of stress, danger, or illness. Healers often follow her teachings and sing her praises. Mistress Rann is also technically the god of undead, disease, and plagues and her faithful typically pray against her negative aspects.

Few races pay outright homage to Ranvette. The Shadar-kai, being shadow-touched humans, claim to be her servants and chosen people. While the elves respect her for her role in the cycle of life and death, an essential part of nature, she is more often feared than loved. Many races, especially the eladrin, turned to her after the Catastrophe, believing she could protect them from the chaos that followed that time, but few remained devoted after this.

Channel Divinity Feats

  • Raven Queen
  • Ilmater
  • Sheela Peryroyl
  • Kelemvor

Major Churches

  • The House of Mercy (any): The Merciful accept the necessity of death but try to ease its sting. They work to relieve pain and smooth the passage, often trying heal those who can be helped. Some believe they have to help the dying and injured along but most accept death as inevitable and try to prolong life.
  • Fate (any): believe in destiny. Seers and prophets


  • Cutters of Fate (Evil): The Cutters are a sect of assassins and murderers. They hold taking the life of intelligent creatures to be the highest tribute to Ranvette and a form of communion. They believe everyone has a time and that, occasionally, people escape their fate and must be ended, an act that is their sacred duty. They are often confused or associated with the Spillers of Blood, a sect of Tral’caar or apocalypse cults.
  • The Touched of the Dark Lady (Evil or Chaotic Evil): The Dark Touched embrace death and undeath, both revering the undead and seeking it for themselves. Many cults of the Dark Touches are lead by a charismatic deceased figure.
  • Seers of Syrenor (any): Not a true sect of worshippers, the Children of Syrenor are closely related to the faith of Mistress Rann and many of the prophets revere the goddess for her ties to fate and destiny.

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