There are five major religions on the Beltway. All faiths are divorced from alignment and can be viewed as good or evil and lawful or chaotic. The churches can be divided into two groups: the first are faiths related to the Old Gods (also known as the First Gods, True Gods, or simply The Gods), while the second group is lead by the godking, Grigor who is the head of state, church and believed to be a deity.

All the two faiths are a variety of churches or smaller sects. These organizations and sub-groups follow a particular dogma or perception of their god. Grigorism is only divided into two churches with the founder of the faith still acting as the head of the official church, but there are numerous churches related to the other gods.

In addition to the two major faiths there are cults and smaller cabals. These are seldom centered around creatures claiming to be gods and instead tied to demons or devils, although the followers of these sometimes claim their patron is a god.

Apocalypse Cults





Serpent Cults


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