Built long the banks of the dying river the fishing village is possibly the farthest known western settlement.


The Dying River flows from the Borderidge mountains into the Endless Sands desert, slowly dwindling in the heat and un-setting sun, becoming little more than a stream before finally vanishing into the dust, mud, and sand.

To the west are seemingly endless desert sands unbroken by mountains or valleys. Several thousand miles to the west is the burning remains of the Dragonborn Empire. To the east are the Lawless Lands and the Grigoran Imperium.


Human and dragonborn make up an equal proportion of the population. Trading dwarves from the north are not uncommon and a few halfling bands sail up and down the Dying River, making trade between Riverside and El’Tan.


The deep river valley houses the city-state, with the settlement spread along both sides of the river. Crops are grown in the arable land along the banks, for many miles outside the city. The deep river is also heavily fished. Hunting is also common, although game is typically found in the wild eastern plains.

Much of the population engages in trade, especially with the Lawless Lands and the independent villages to the east. Much of the small nation’s current wealth came from the trade of exotic goods, brought from the Empire of the Scale. Many expeditions to the far west begin in Riverside.

There is growing worries that the region will be invaded by Grigoran and the dragonborn of the area are quietly bringing in weapons.


Originally considered part of the Lawless Lands, Riverside was little more than a small fishing village until the fall of the Empire of the Scale. Suddenly the community found themselves inundated with refugees who established their own homes and small villages.

The people of Riverside quickly established trade with the newcomers, offering necessities to the desperate folk art high prices. The desperate folk, rich with exotic goods and heirlooms, reluctantly paid.

Gradually the dragonborn were accepted into the community, defending the towns against desert monsters and small patrols from Grigoran. Many dragonborns lament the loss of prized family possessions and begun lengthy quests to track down lost goods.


Riverside – (city, pop. 11, 140) Built out of adobe atop both sides of the steep river valley, a number of large wooden bridges across the gorge. The western shore is known for its dragonborn settlements, growing in number. While humans and other races see Riverside as a depressing and bleak village at the edge of livable territory, the dragonborn see Riverside as the beginning of life and first signs of civilization after almost endless desert.

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