Shadar Kai

The shadar-kai are humans touched by the black of the Shadowfell. They have been tainted by the realm’s energy, becoming both more and less human. The vast majority live in that grim world, but some venture into its lighter counterpart.


Shadar-kai look like black-and-white or monochromatic humans. They are paler than normal humans and have black, white, or grey hair. Their clothes are equally devoid of colour and bright hues. They often tattoo themselves and piercings are also common.

The race is also grim in mood, seldom revealing their emotions or thoughts. They can be stubborn and relentless and have little sense of humour.


The dark energies of the Shadowfell sap one’s vitality and will to live. The shadar-kair have responded to this by pushing themselves to excel. They are grim and determined to succeed and challenge themselves. Unlike the competitive goliaths, shadar-kai care less about the comparing themselves to others as much as exceeding personal goals. The exception to this is when they pit their skills against others. They give no quarter and expect none in return.

Most shadar-kai live mundane lives but all push themselves. Farmers try and till larger and larger fields or try new crops or cross-breeds. Hunters push themselves to seek new and more dangerous game. Craftsmen have to satiate themselves through hobbies and dangerous recreations.


Embracing both life and death, the shadar-kai are devoted to Ranvetter. They extol her virtues and the importance of fate and accepting one’s mortality. Danforar is also respected for her teachings of restraint, but the naturally stoic shadar-kai need little divine help controlling their limited passions.

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Shadar Kai

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