Kin to lycanthropes, shifters are caught between the world of animals and the world of humans. They roam the plains of the Beltway, avoiding the settlements of other races, living a wild and free existence.


Shifters are animalistic humans. They are the same rough size and shape as members of the human ethnicities, but are covered in light downy fur and have long, wild hair. Males tend to have large unruly sideburns and both sexes have hairy patches on their forearms and lower legs. Their ears are pointed and they have feline-like faces with long canine teeth.


Partially feral, shifters live in packs outside civilization in the wild untamed places of the Beltway. They have mostly moved out of Hronth and can be found roaming the wide plains of Grigoran and the especially in the Lawless Lands.

Shifters do not establish permanent settlements and are perpetually nomadic. Many have small, portable tents or huts that they carry with them, but many tribes simply sleep in the open or under natural shelters. Despite their wild natures, shifters trade with human communities and make use of crafted tools and weapons. They seldom have the skill to make their own goods, but are adept at maintaining what they have traded for.


Shifters pay homage to Tral’caar before a hunt and Cyleannis for good weather. They do not have churches or temples, instead carrying small icons of their gods. There are few devout shifters, who prefer nature over the divine. Shifters are creatures of the world and are concerned with the real and tangible over the ethereal or intangible.

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