Once the offspring of humans and summoned demons and devils, tieflings have become a separate people after a millennium of marriages. They are a race of slaves and former slaves, people without a nation or true home. They are envious of humans and dwarves who have found lands of their own. They have a kinship and rivalry with the dragonborn as both lack a homeland now but compete for the same limited space.


Tieflings have a varied appearance related to their ancestors and bloodline. Almost all have curved horns and tails. Their horns vary slightly with some curving down like a ram’s while others jut straight back like a goat’s. Their skin is typically red hued but varies from a deep scarlet to ruddy reddish-brown.

Their hair is typically brown with black and red also being common, however blue or purple hair also occurs. Tielfling eyes are a single-colour lacking iris or visible pupils. They have a wide range of colour from yellow to red to blue.


Most tieflings have hard lives: working as slaves, hiding their true natures, or perpetually fleeing their pursuers. Free in many lands, including Hronth, tieflings are still considered undesirables, outright untrustworthy, and often little more than beasts. They live in small communities in poorer areas such as rocky farmland or areas with limited access to water. A few live unpleasant lives in human communities, being forced into ghettoes along with half-elves and the extremely poor.

In Grigoran, tieflings are still a slave race; they are bought and sold at auctions and belong to their master body and soul. There are “underground trade routes” to Cellinia that sneak tieflings into the free lands, but captured escapees are killed or brutally tortured (often both). As slaves they perform the hardest and most thankless tasks for the duration of their short lives.

While technically free in the Lawless Lands, some cities have bounties for them and others kill them on sight. Free tieflings are occasionally captured and taken to Grigoran slave markets or labelled “escaped slaves” and turned-in for bounties. Tieflings farther from the border lands live free but in wild, uncivilized lands where they are often persecuted or killed for the crime of being different.


Tieflings seldom worship higher beings, finding it difficult to believe in forces that would permit their race’s suffering. They are occasionally being drawn into serpent or demon cults. Oft wronged tieflings respond favourable to those who promise them power, freedom, or a chance for revenge.

Most tiefling clerics are drawn to Destruction and chaos over Creation. Tieflings are not inclined to be satisfied with their current lot and do not long for its continuation. They long for change and upheaval, which is promised through churches of Destruction. However, a few understand the idea of balance but still long to change the sorry state of their people and free them from chains.

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