Vael Los

Now seen as a northern outpost of the Old Order, Vael Los was actually in the middle of the large empire acting as a trade hub between the northern and southern halves of the continent. Through powerful magic they survived, but now they’re slowly dying of thirst and starvation, cut off by miles of desert and an un-setting sun.


Vael Los was once set on a rise above the coastline where the mountains sloped to meet the sea. Shining rivers surrounded the city and divided it into four districts connected by massive bridges.

Now all that remains is dried canals and a dying city surrounded by a large green circle filled with carefully tended orchards and gardens. Outside the magical done is miles and miles of sunblasted wasteland and some the harshest environments imaginable.


The vast majority of Vael Los is elven, although there are a number of humans and tieflings that still serve their fey masters. With limited choices of mates and in-breeding becoming a problem, there are now a large number of half-elves in the city. Vael Los also has a sizable gnome quarter, although these are a minority amongst the elves.


The ever shrinking population possesses magic, power, and knowledge that has been considered long forgotten by the rest of the world. Vael Los is possibly the last true piece of the Old Order, although is existence if known by only a few. However, despite their magic, the city is dying. The food stores and small, surrounding farmland and gardens are producing less and less crops, as water is slowly being used up. Everything they can do is being done to preserve and re-use what liquids they have left but, slowly, the city is losing water. The city is, at best, delaying the inevitable.

The populace lives in a deep state of denial, attempting grander and more desperate attempts to save their city. Nothing is every wasted and harsh punishments exist for those who would do so.


When the people of Twin Empires needed the exotic or imported they turned to Vael Los, the port city and gateway to the North. When the Catastrophe loomed the gnome and fey mages knew their city could not withstand the coming fire and magically shielded themselves. The magical bubble created an artificial cycle of day and night and was powered by the sun so it could never fail. The people felt confident in their survival…

Ironically, the Catastrophe saved the city. The minotaurs of the north had been moving southward, through the sparsely inhabited mountains. The minotaurs had already sacked several smaller elven settlements to the north and were massing for an attempt on Vael Los when the Catastrophe struck.


Vael Los – (town, pop. 9, 540) Protected by a magical shield; people and other living things can enter, but the shield stops the sun from blasting all life in the vicinity. Once a large city, the population has dwindled over the years. Despite the depopulation, food and water is slowly running out and the populace is careful –fanatical even– about recycling and reusing. Claustrophobia is becoming an increasing problem as the long-lived elven and gnome population feels cut-off and isolated. While Vael Los has more magic and ties to the past than anywhere else, even this cannot save the doomed city.

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Vael Los

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