Constructs created for a single purpose, they are products of the Old Order. Now, centuries after the Catastrophe, the empires they were created solely to defend are fading memories. Similar to the dragonborn, they are a race of warrior. However, they lack the inherent honour and sense of history; instead they have endless and purposeless combat.


Warforged are constructs of metal and wood designed to withstand combat. They were designed by their gnome craftsmen to be imposing but not frightening, loyal yet not mindless golems. The aesthetic gnomes varied the appearance of their creations, so warforged differ depending on their city of origin, their original purpose and regiment, or simply the whims of their creator. Warforged are little affected by the climate or weather and seldom wear clothing. However, when disguising their appearance, they often resort to long cloaks with hoods.


Warforged are warriors and soldiers, it is built into them. The remaining few warforged typically work as mercenaries, selling their skill to people or governments.

Not requiring food or drink, they do not need to make a regular living and many travel the Beltway performing sporadic tasks to earn just enough coin to maintain their equipment. Many warforged wander the tundra of the south or the barrens of the north, exploring and inhabiting the regions other races cannot live in.

Some warforged search through the ancient ruins for others of their kind. Only the most severe damage can “kill” a warforged, so many are still alive but unconscious, buried under rubble or sealed in ruins. Other lie deactivated in ancient caverns, simply awaiting activation. Many have been sealed in ruins unable to escape, trapped in solitude for a millennium.


Warforged have little faith in gods, being creations of mortals. A few, being constructed beings, follow Creation, believing it lead to their birth. More nihilistic warforged happily follow Destruction for its assistance in their chosen duty.

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