While warlocks gain their power through deals with formidable and powerful forces, most people mistake them for wizards. Many people are just as distrusting of wizards as warlocks, but would be unable to tell the difference. Generally, warlocks tend to be judged on their pact. Fey and Star warlocks are commonly mistaken for wizards, but most people can understand the idea of infernal bargains and fear those warlocks that strike deals with the demonic or devilish for power.

Peasants and the like tend to be fearful of magic in general, thinking it safe to be afraid of something they can neither understand nor control. Most see only the simplest of magics in their time with few witnessing grand displays of power. As such, they are wary of all who display such power, including warlocks.

Warlocks are typically self-taught. A few take apprentices who are willing to align with the same forces or even the same patron. El’tan has a few small schools that assist burgeoning warlocks, but these are few and far between.

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