Martial figures, warlords are often lumped into the same stereotypes as fighters. However, warlords are seldom as desired as fighters as employers seldom wish to have competition commanding their troops. Skilled second-in-commands are often in demand, but only after their loyalty has been guaranteed.

Commoners view warlords much like other mercenaries or soldiers. Personable warlords can often inspire peasants and collect followers, often being seen as grand leaders or generals; however warlords are still commonly thought of as fighters or paladins. Amongst soldiers and mercenaries warlords are received much better. Few companies do not enjoy having a skilled commander or charismatic figure in their midst.

The Grigoran Imperium makes use of warlords in its troops, especially its elite forces. While the Faithful prefer clerics and paladins they know warlords serve a useful purpose.

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