Masters of the arcane arts, wizards are mystical scholars who spend years learning to cast their complicated and dangerous spells. Magic is well-known as loosely accepted, but seldom welcomed. Many places and people are fearful of the power of magic and have many superstitions regarding those who can cast arcane spells.

Lowly commoners seldom see true magic, or only witness the parlour tricks of wandering trickster mages. There are many misconceptions regarding true magic. Local authority figures are also often distrusting of mages, fearing the uncontrollable or unrestricted power they wield.

Most mages are secretively taught by masters who seldom take more than a single apprentice at a time. In lands occupied by the Grigoran Imperium, mages are often killed on sight or jailed and most masters recruit and teach in secret. In the nearby eladrin nation of El’tan, there are more formalized mage schools and academies and most children at taught the basics of spellcasting.

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